Address: 36 Rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Paris 5
Metro: Austerlitz , Censier Daubenton
Hours: The Grand Gallery of Evolutions is open everyday but Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
Grand Gallery of Evolution at the Museum of Natural History is closed on May 1.
Fees: Adults 9 €- Free for 26 and under
Phone: 01 40 79 56 01

At the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (National Museum of Natural History) of Paris you are taken back in time and are introduced to the story of evolution and various species. There are over 7000 species at this museum from both land and sea, including some extinct ones. Kids will love the skeletons and real size animal replicas.

It was once known as the zoology gallery in the 1800s. During the World War II the gallery was damaged badly. Most of the remaining collections were moved with small to medium sized one to an underground zootheque which is closed to the public.

After extensive renovations, finally in 1994 the Great Gallery of Evolution of Paris opened once again.

At the bottom floor you will learn about the diversity of marine life. The first floor is dedicated to the diversity of life on land. Seocnd floor is for the evolution of man and the last floor is dedicated to changes on our environment caused by man.

There is a room dedicated to extinct and endangered species.

There is also a discovery room designed for kids between 5-12 to satisfy their natural curiosity.

The Children’s Gallery meant for kids 6-12 years of age is also located in this location.

A great museum for kids and adults.